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Peruvian Pima Cotton Yarn

Pima is among the most luxurious of all cotton varieties. It has an exceptionally long and fine fiber, and a special smoothness to the touch. The combination of climate and soil has made Peruvian Pima cotton among the finest variety in the world. The Pima fiber shows off the soft pastel colors of the rainbow that are yours to choose from Windy Valley for clothing, home accessories and more knitting projects.

Our Peruviean Pima Cotton Yarn is discontinued, we do have some colors still in stock, please contact us if you are interested.

Please click on any color sample for a larger image.

Clover Yarn
11368 Clover

11540 Spring Green yarn
11540 Spring Green
11920 Dried Sage yarn
11920 Dried Sage
21965 Stormy Shore yarn
21965 Stormy Shore
Out of Stock
22173 Victorian Teal yarn
22173 Victorian Teal
Out of Stock
22488 Prussian Blue yarn
22488 Prussian Blue
Out of Stock
33090 Bittersweet Coral yarn
33090 Bittersweet Coral
Out of Stock
33390 Mulled Wine
33390 Mulled Wine
33489 Petal Pink yarn
33489 Petal Pink
33492 Peach Pie yarn
33492 Peach Pie
Out of Stock
33496 Pink Dusk yarn
33496 Pink Dusk
33654 Red Dragon yarn
33654 Red Dragon
Purple Petunia Yarn
44070 Purple Petunia
44491 Fuchsia yarn
44491 Fuchsia
Out of Stock
44516 French Mauve yarn
44516 French Mauve
Maroon Sunset yarn
44914 Maroon Sunset
Out of Stock
66450 Copper Ore yarn
66450 Copper Ore
66900 Warm Wheat yarn
66900 Warm Wheat
66978 Oyster Shell yarn
66978 Oyster Shell
77020 Silver Lining yarn
77020 Silver Lining
77100 Black Onyx yarn
77100 Black Onyx