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Australian Merino Wool

Australian Merino Wool Yarn
$13.00 per skein

Natural white, pastel and jewel tones
Yarns are 1oz lace weight and have approximately 218 yards per ball.

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Polar Bear yarn
7001 Polar Bear
Vanilla Creme yarn
7002 Vanilla Cream
Pink Blush Yarn
7003 Pink Blush
King Salmon Yarn
7004 King Salmon
Soft Rose yarn
7005 Soft Rose
Evening Lilac yarn
7006 Evening Lilac
Woodland Green yarn
7009 Woodland Green
Wild Blueberry yarn
7010 Wild Blueberry
7011 Chocoldate Chip
Peppermint Candy yarn
7013 Peppermint Candy
Bering Sea yarn
7014 Bering Sea
Thai Basil yarn
7015 Thai Basil
Brunnera Blue yarn
7016 Brunnera Blue